Zooco Estudio Designer Profile
Zooco Estudio is an award-winning designer with 6 featured award-winning projects.
Zooco Estudio

Zooco Estudio is made up of the architects Miguel Crespo, Javier Guzmán and Sixto Martín. After working several years in different studios and having done competitions by their own, in 2009 Zooco Estudio is set up, with head offices in Madrid and Santander. They have won different awards in architectural competitions and interior design, what has allowed them to build The Arts Centre of Verín and some contract&retail projects. Recently, the Studio develops as main projects, the enlargement and rehabilitation of Flamingo Hotel, Oasis Lanz Hotel and Atlantic Garden Hotel and two single-family houses in Pedreña and Torrelodones (Spain).

Zooco Estudio
VinosYViandas Wine Shop
J House Residential
Flamingo Club Hotel
M4 House Residential
Verin ArtsCenter Arts Center
Nuilea DaySpa Retail