Zooco Estudio Verin ArtsCenter Arts Center
Verin ArtsCenter Arts Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Verin ArtsCenter Arts Center

Great home or small town, where the intimacy of a home and the heterogeneity of a town is provided. The Center turns into a space of convivence of different activities, where each function is materialized as a unit, creating spaces of relationship without hierarchies. A place where its units works as separate houses and as a town all together. The project considers the enviorment and works by following the scheme of urbanism of the city of Verin. This occupation is based in small buildings aligned with the edges of the patchs and in the gaps leaved as common spaces, grouped into communities.

Verin ArtsCenter Arts Center
Zooco Estudio Verin ArtsCenter
Zooco Estudio Arts Center
Zooco Estudio design
Zooco Estudio design
Zooco Estudio

Zooco Estudio is made up of the architects Miguel Crespo, Javier Guzmán and Sixto Martín. After working several years in different studios and having done competitions by their own, in 2009 Zooco Estudio is set up, with head offices in Madrid and Santander. They have won different awards in architectural competitions and interior design, what has allowed them to build The Arts Centre of Verín and some contract&retail projects. Recently, the Studio develops as main projects, the enlargement and rehabilitation of Flamingo Hotel, Oasis Lanz Hotel and Atlantic Garden Hotel and two single-family houses in Pedreña and Torrelodones (Spain).

Zooco Estudio

Miguel Crespo Picot, Javier Guzmán Benito and Sixto Martín Martínez are the firm partners of Zooco Estudio, a young architectural firm with head offices in Madrid and Santander. After winning the architectural competition of The Civic Cultural Centre in Soto de la Marina,Spain, in 2008, they founded Zooco Estudio. The philosophy of the Study is to face each projects, from interior interventions to the building of large structures, through the same creative process. When developing projects of various scales, we realise that architectural decisions are the same: creating spaces that respond to needs and environment, which means the generation of a clear concept as the basis of the project. This vision of architecture and the flexibility to adapt to different projects, has made us to urderstand our profession at a time of crisis. Zooco Estudio tries to project with fine materials and simple shapes to achieve a timeless and functional aesthetic. The result we look for are neutral spaces, projects that last over time. To this end, we combine the research into new materials and systems, with the knowledge of traditional processes.