Rania Elkalla Designer Profile
Rania Elkalla is the award-winning designer of the Shell Homage Hangers.
Rania Elkalla

Rania Elkalla is skilled in designing 3D products, illustrations, patterns, experimenting with materials, Branding and integrate between different design groups. Rania’s work includes richness and vibrant elements to it. Her designs are mostly eclectic, derived from different cultures and styles. She likes to merge between different disciplines. When it comes to any design, function and quality should be as important as ethical sourcing and production. She believes that all types of designs are incorporated with each other and the designer has to be flexible, risk taker, observes well and allows different types of design and merge between them. The main aim is to keep on improving, present the best of her self and most authentic version of who she is. Designers should always remember the word “FUN” that exists in Function. She tend to design things with humor and interaction with users.

Rania Elkalla
Shell Homage  Hangers