Rania Elkalla Shell Homage Hangers
Shell Homage Hangers is Iron Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Furniture Accessories, Hardware and Materials Design Award Category.
Shell Homage Hangers

Pebbles are a decorative hanger set for everyday belongings with a secret tiny storage on the back and sides. It creates a flexible and playful system for organizing your little things. You can create the look according to your need and mood. The Pebbles hangers are extruded on different levels and can be partially overlapped that offers a wide range of order. Reduced to the essentials, the organic forms elegantly highlight the beauty of the bio plastic used, reveals a unique texture and surface. The material is 100% natural biodegradable plastic based on Egg, nut and cacao shells.

Shell Homage  Hangers
Rania Elkalla Shell Homage
Rania Elkalla Hangers
Rania Elkalla design
Rania Elkalla design
Rania Elkalla

Rania Elkalla is skilled in designing 3D products, illustrations, patterns, experimenting with materials, Branding and integrate between different design groups. Rania’s work includes richness and vibrant elements to it. Her designs are mostly eclectic, derived from different cultures and styles. She likes to merge between different disciplines. When it comes to any design, function and quality should be as important as ethical sourcing and production. She believes that all types of designs are incorporated with each other and the designer has to be flexible, risk taker, observes well and allows different types of design and merge between them. The main aim is to keep on improving, present the best of her self and most authentic version of who she is. Designers should always remember the word “FUN” that exists in Function. She tend to design things with humor and interaction with users.

SHELL HOMAGE - Experiments with unusual materials

Shell Homage studio initiated by the product designer Rania Elkalla produce a new material which is 100 % natural biodegradable plastic based on Egg, Nut and cacao shells, colored using natural pigments. The shells are bonded with organic and biodegradable substances, which enable to create a mixture, which can be handled through different production techniques as extrusion, pressing and injection molding. It is similar to stone or ceramic, can be drilled or sanded or laser cut. The more we knew the material and work with it, the more we discover from it’s capabilities, capacity, the way to form it and various ways to process it and deal with it and it gets more familiar. There is more to egg and nutshells than meets the eye. Egg or nutshells are underrated because they are always perceived as foodstuff but you actually make a lot more from them. They are a wonderful natural resource. All the products that have a life span and are completely biodegradable without toxic chemicals, which will allow having viable products, which decay if you dip into your garden if you do not need it anymore. It’s the ultimate solution for getting rid of things instead of storing them for years and getting ride of plastics, which never decays. These objects and materials developed have the aspiration to educate and enlighten the users about things which we consider as waster. This material can be used as tiles for floors or cladding or sold in sheets. Various products are produced by this material as light units, table tops, office set, plant pots, wall clocks and hangers.