Kajsa Willner Designer Profile
Kajsa Willner is the award-winning designer of the Layers Coffee tables.
Kajsa Willner

Kajsas world consists of daily bringing new ideas and concepts into peoples lives that leave them affected by an experience around a product or an interior. The clients and assignments vary from big to small, everything from developing a new product to making an entire interior project from idea to final decor and installation. Kajsa also has her own collection that consists of objects with a more experimental approach, produced in one offs or limited edition and possible to buy directly from her webshop or by sending an email for a special request. The hallmark of Studio Kajsa Willner is to dare, to explore and to in a playful way challenge the preconception of what design is and should be. Why? because Kajsa strives to constantly continue to surprise, amaze and make people happy by giving them unique design experiences.

Kajsa Willner
Layers Coffee tables