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PH Alpha Design Limited is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
PH Alpha Design Limited

Ping Xu is the Design Director at PH Alpha Design (PHA). She is a passionate and bold designer with more than 15 years of professional architectural experience in both the PRC and Hong Kong. Ping has extensive design expertise and experience in various project typologies from large mixed-use developments, retail, office buildings, hotels, high-end residentials, to cultural buildings such as libraries and exhibition centres etc. She specializes in handling complex mixed-use projects that integrate retail with commercial, hotel and residential programmes. Before joining PHA, Ping was an Executive Director of Aedas and played a major role in a number of award-winning architectural design projects. She was the principal designer of Starlight Place, a large-scale retail project in Chongqing, PRC, for which Aedas earned an accolade of International awards including winner of the Best Retail Architecture of Asia Pacific and Best Retail Architecture of China (5-Star) of the Asia Pacific Property Wards 2013; winner of the RLI International Retail & Leisure Destination of Global RLI International Awards 2013 and shortlisted candidate in the Built Retail Projects category of Cityscape Awards for Architecture in Emerging Markets 2013. She was also the principal designer of Gome Guotai Shopping Mall in Chongqing, PRC, which was named finalist in the future commercial projects category of World Architectural Festival (WAF) 2009. In a planning and design competition run by China Real Estate and Architectural Technology (CIHAF) in 2012, Ping won the Annual Contribution Award for Chinese Architects. Her strength lies in her ability to come up with designs that break the mould and push the boundaries but are ultimately fully functional and cost efficient. The results are powerful architectural solutions that evoke emotion and spirit, adding value and most importantly satisfy the Clients’ aspirations.

PH Alpha Design Limited
SCPG Shopping Plaza Shopping Center
Genzon Kexing Technology Park D4 Tower  Mixed Use