1983ASIA Designer Profile
1983ASIA is an award-winning designer with 11 featured award-winning projects.

It comes from a faith. 1983 ASIA is co-founded by Su SU (Tianjin, China) and YAO (Malaysia) in Shenzhen China.We are very glad that we were guided by K&L. After years of experience of handling projects, we made several brands also achieve ourselves.However, after the joy come again and again, it left us endless thought. We grew up in Asia which was measured by western culture. In this case, the identity of Asian is getting vague.We used to let the treasure of us go, but we have to learn how to reunite the world. The cultural convergence left us regret for globalization and internationalization.“Sometimes, traditional Asian culture is a fetter of western.”We are inspired astonishingly that only tracing to the source can solve the inner contradiction. Based on Asian and designer, we tried to break the bound of concepts and used art design to show our experience and achievement through studying Asian culture.Turning invisible culture into glamorous Asian visual product is the lost-for–long happiness that we reach for in the world.

Shou product design
2644 Red Rice Package design
Feng He Branding design
kuas Art Center Branding design
Rank Badge Product design
Rong Pattern design
Menogga Branding Design
Haaic Branding design
Yuk Choy Branding design
Pagoda Corporate Identity
Yau Sik San Branding Design