Fayssal Loussaief Designer Profile
Fayssal Loussaief is the award-winning designer of the Tigi Digital transformation.
Fayssal Loussaief

I am a digital product manager with a background in publishing, advertising and with a proven track record to innovate digital products and create commercial value. I have launched KiTTi, the UK’s strongest group payment venture. Most recently I have been leading product development for KiTTi, a Santander product, and the Visa Europe UX and UI team at Monitise Create and working on a travel application with the start-up FireFly. Although initially trained in UI, my current role also requires advanced UX skills (leading with modern lean methodologies). Previous to Monitise Create I gained extensive e-commerce and nance product experience, leading the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest’s digital propositions. In my previous life in the advertising world, I had the opportunity to create concepts and developing campaigns for in uential brands such as Toyota and Lexus, and within the telecommunication, IT and health care sector.

Tigi Digital transformation