Yingbo Qiao Designer Profile
Yingbo Qiao is the award-winning designer of the Don't Lose Your Biculutural Integrated Advertising Campaign.
Yingbo Qiao

I set up my preoccupation with graphic design and advertising in Beijing, where I worked as an art director and creative director for many years, until I decided to swop the great wall to golden gate bridge in 2013. Rooted in graphic design, my work is fueled by ongoing engagement with contemporary art and culture, I believe that great idea should elicit a strong willingly response from its intended audience. For that matter, it must connect emotionally. Connecting because it's authentic, thought provoking, inspiring, relatable, inspiring, and culturally relevant. Connecting because this era needs flexibility and nimbleness. Thus, never stick on a piece of scenery in your creative journey. Mixing things up, which gives us the fresh perspective to create, innovate, and reflect the world that all of us live in.

Don't Lose Your Biculutural Integrated Advertising Campaign