Aya Codama Designer Profile
Aya Codama is the award-winning designer of the Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box.
Aya Codama

The ideal of design I aim for is to make things “better” in society and various situations. To design is not to create “design” for decorating a surface beautifully, rather it is to fix your eyes on the essence and search for “the right solution”, “the right answer”. That I think is what design is. To create design to amaze people or to create design to comfort people. You create by thinking “how” and “when”, and “whom to target”. The situation can make a 180degree change depending on the commission. In order to arrive at the best answer, repeated and close discussion about direction of aims with clients is vital. Besides what I mentioned above, “an unforgettable design” is what I regard as essential to my originality. To draw out and enhance a client’s identity in the best way and to make a lasting impression on people, is where Art can display its power. Each designer has their own belief and philosophy, and they have different answers for the same subject. Therefore I believe what makes a better society is that each designer keeps on creating their own “right answer”.

Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box