Aya Codama Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box
Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box is Platinum Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Packaging Design Award Category.
Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box

This package is for Japanese Sake, which is called "KOI". Koi is a vividly patterned ornamental carp that represents Japan. Our package expresses the beauty of Koi, the red patterns directly printed on white porcelain bottle which resembles in the shape of carp. By cutting out the outer box in carp silhouette, it visually emphasizes the image of Koi. Japanese brush stroke technique is used on those red patterns. This vivid designed package will not only stand out in the store, but also can be an art piece to decorate your room after you enjoyed the Sake.

Japanese Sake “KOI” Bottle and Box
Aya Codama Japanese Sake “KOI”
Aya Codama Bottle and Box
Aya Codama design
Aya Codama design
Aya Codama

The ideal of design I aim for is to make things “better” in society and various situations. To design is not to create “design” for decorating a surface beautifully, rather it is to fix your eyes on the essence and search for “the right solution”, “the right answer”. That I think is what design is. To create design to amaze people or to create design to comfort people. You create by thinking “how” and “when”, and “whom to target”. The situation can make a 180degree change depending on the commission. In order to arrive at the best answer, repeated and close discussion about direction of aims with clients is vital. Besides what I mentioned above, “an unforgettable design” is what I regard as essential to my originality. To draw out and enhance a client’s identity in the best way and to make a lasting impression on people, is where Art can display its power. Each designer has their own belief and philosophy, and they have different answers for the same subject. Therefore I believe what makes a better society is that each designer keeps on creating their own “right answer”.

Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.

Since 1767 Imayo Tsukasa has been an integral cultural and economic cornerstone of Niigata City on the Sea of Japan. For over 100 years they have been preserving the traditional sake making method, and maintaining the integrity of the product, even in difficult economic times for the sake industry. All of the sake is junmai classification, which means it is pure, with no additives. It's made with nothing but rice, water and yeast. Only 20% of all sake earns that classification. Imayo Tsukasa released the Japanese Sake KOI bottle to honor a proud time in its long history. After WWII there was a shortage of rice in Japan, and many brewers added water to the sake to increase its volume. It was branded with the nickname "Goldfish Sake" as if it contained enough water for a fish to swim in. Imayo Tsukasa never added water, and their product took the name "Koi Sake", as it was strong and majestic.