Alireza Jajarmikhayat Designer Profile
Alireza Jajarmikhayat is the award-winning designer of the Crew Powder Mix Paint.
Alireza Jajarmikhayat

Alireza is a current student at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA. He is an underdog soon to become a professional in his field. While interacting with Alireza, the first thing you'd notice will be his deep curiosity about any subject matter, he would ask questions and discover something new from any source available. Whether it is from books, people or media, he can extract inspiration from them and put it to use in his work. This quality about him diversifies his work and enables him to be flexible with trying new things. Alireza has experience working with non-design savvy people like the San Francisco Fire Department to help them brand their 150th anniversary celebration in 2016 and collaborated with them to create a marketing campaign and other commemoration pieces.

Alireza Jajarmikhayat
Crew  Powder Mix Paint