Pedro Panetto Designer Profile
Pedro Panetto is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Pedro Panetto

Pedro Panetto is a Brazilian designer. He has an YouTube channel focused on design. He is also the author of a course on Golden Ratio Applied to Design. In addition, he also works giving lectures in Brazil. Graduated in 2012. His work is focused on the Design of Visual Identities, receiving much attention for his studies and applications of the Golden Ratio. His work has been published on various blogs and pages of design and creativity. He also had his work published in two Design books: "Visual Harmony, Proportions in Graphic Design" by SendPoints, and “LOGO TALKS IV” from publisher Artpower.

Pedro Panetto
Phi Lessons Corporate Identity
Rare Proportions  Poster
HEMA Alliance Corporate Identity
Publicitarios Criativos  Corporate Identity