Pedro Panetto Publicitarios Criativos Corporate Identity
Publicitarios Criativos Corporate Identity is Bronze Design Award winner in 2016 - 2017 Graphics and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Publicitarios Criativos Corporate Identity

Publicitarios Criativos is a blog about advertising, design and creativity. His Visual Identity represents advertising through the symbol of the rooster and represents creativity through its broken form, using a concept of disruptive thinking. The project was developed in Golden Ratio and all details have taken a careful look.

Publicitarios Criativos  Corporate Identity
Pedro Panetto Publicitarios Criativos
Pedro Panetto Corporate Identity
Pedro Panetto design
Pedro Panetto design
Pedro Panetto

Pedro Panetto is a Brazilian designer. He has an YouTube channel focused on design. He is also the author of a course on Golden Ratio Applied to Design. In addition, he also works giving lectures in Brazil. Graduated in 2012. His work is focused on the Design of Visual Identities, receiving much attention for his studies and applications of the Golden Ratio. His work has been published on various blogs and pages of design and creativity. He also had his work published in two Design books: "Visual Harmony, Proportions in Graphic Design" by SendPoints, and “LOGO TALKS IV” from publisher Artpower.

Pedro Panetto

Publicitários Criativos is the biggest advertising blog in Brazil, with more than half a million followers and it also acts as a marketing and social media company. His Visual Identity was created with a strong proportional, symbolic and flexible work. Since the symbol until the dozens of variations of visual signatures, all have been heavily based on the Golden Ratio. No single piece was created with the Golden Ratio, but rather a whole system according to golden reason. It was necessary to convey the idea of publicity and creativity. For publicity it was relatively simple to use the rooster that is already a consecrated symbol of the profession in Brazil. But he needed an abstract charge to strengthen himself as a single symbol. After testing, it was decided to use pure and firm lines. The creativity has been more difficult to symbolize, we achieve this through a relationship in a broken way with the idea of disruptive thinking that is associated with creativity. The biggest challenge was in relation to its public, composed of Advertisers and students of related areas. It's not an easy audience. Fortunately the results were excellent. On the day of the launch, the Facebook page of the company had an increase of 5 thousand followers. The project was discussed by numerous people on social networks and we had reports of discussions in colleges. We achieved the goal of a remarkable Visual Identity, with the ability to generate discussions and thus self-strengthen.