Evangeline Marie Pesigan Designer Profile
Evangeline Marie Pesigan is the award-winning designer of the Tirintas Lounge Chair.
Evangeline Marie Pesigan

Thinking differently about making things, Evangeline Pesigan created her first furniture line in September 2013. She has expanded her interests beyond her native Philippine culture, mixing creativity and traditional craft techniques with modern fabrication and unexpected juxtapositions. Storytelling, heritage and sensibility for craft are paramount in her practice. She acts as a facilitator rather than a creator, collaborating and making connections between her vision, design method and the more instinctive approach of artisans. She aims to foster meaningful interactions where limitless possibilities are shaped and knowledge is equally exchanged. She has been involved in a variety of projects and her work has been featured in many design exhibitions and competitions.

Evangeline Marie Pesigan
Tirintas Lounge Chair