Diego Arevalo Designer Profile
Diego Arevalo is the award-winning designer of the Beat PackFlatToolFreeAssembled Furniture Line.
Diego Arevalo

Diego Arevalo Pliego is Industrial Designer from the Universidad Anahuac Mexico Norte. In over 25 years of experience, he envolved in design and packaging design and manufacture of P.O.P. and furniture for various national and international brands. Inspired by harmony in form, nature, color and textures, always looking to please the sense of aesthetics and functionality in their designs; gastronomy passion understood as an application design and music as an inspirational source for humans; enthusiast machines, innovation in materials and manufacturing processes, always seeking to give a true identity to Mexican design. He has received honorable mention in the Quorum 1999 Awards and Awards of the Journal A! Design 1999. It also won the Bronze Award in Quorum Awards 2004 in the category of Design Point of Purchase and was a finalist in the national contest seats 2014 organized by MIUMEDI. Currently founder and director of Design Wedgewood Furniture.

Diego Arevalo
Beat PackFlatToolFreeAssembled Furniture Line