Jeffrey A Day Designer Profile
Jeffrey A Day is an award-winning designer with 9 featured award-winning projects.
Jeffrey A Day

Following suit with his uniquely dichotomous designs, DAY-STUDIO’s lead designer, Jeff Day, strikes a balance of cerebral and creative. With over a decade of experience in product design (and three Patents later), Day combines his strategic planning and tactical implementation skills with an innately exploratory mind. His designs effortlessly showcase the effectiveness of this equilibrium. Jeff processes his designs by relating action and emotion to inanimate objects. Definition and the core fundamentals of space and form drives Jeff’s designs, and originates from imagination and the intellectual sequencing that occurs I his own daily observations. The conceptualization of his signature “Raster” series came to him as he was concentrating on the line he was able to discern while peering at his computer screen. Pushing and pulling instinctual space is an innately natural process for Day’s design. The “Drops” series, for example came from Jeff watching water disrupt the surface of a pond. Following suit, he juxtaposed the result of that soft and flowing visual onto a hard surface. With the maliciousness of a CNC router, the precision with which Day designs allows his creations to seamlessly and compellingly convey rich complexity and dimension.

Drops Coffee Table
Raster  side table
H20il Bench and Occasional Table
Stems_CT_03 coffee table
Bubbles cocktail table
Ashtray_CT Table
YRH_CT coffee table
Levels_CT coffee table
Setback Coffee Table