Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi Designer Profile
Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi is the award-winning designer of the Al Faragh Handbag.
Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi

SaQué is a luxurious brand of unique statement handbags that have special architectural twists. The brain child of two sisters’ architects Chantal and Daisy el Jurdi, saQué is the answer to women who like to own beautiful yet one-of-a-kind handbags that stand out from the crowd. The brand has three distinctive collections: The Form Collection, The Function Collection and the Urban Collection. The Form Collection is based on out-of-the-box shapes. The Function Collection’s aim is to provide innovative silhouettes of handbags that are designed to answer a specific problem faced by women. The Urban Collection is based on well defined geometrical shapes with an urban twist for the city girl. Although each Collection has its own characteristics, they are all based on specific concepts and have unique stories as well as names that translate these stories. Some of the handbags can be worn in many different ways: as a shoulder bag, a cross-bag and/or a backpack. One of them specifically, opens from the back so when worn as a backpack, it protects the woman’s belongings from theft. All of the bags are handmade using genuine leather and the accessories are gold and silver plated. A special attention is given to the finishing in order to meet the sisters’ high standards and maintain the luxurious quality that the brand’s clients are accustomed to. With its large array of choices, saQué was able to prove itself in a short amount of time, and present a fresh new approach to handbags that has not yet been seen on the market.

Al Faragh Handbag