Proarh Davor Matekovic Designer Profile
Proarh Davor Matekovic is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Proarh Davor Matekovic

Proarh is an architectural office founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Zagreb. Under the managment of its founder and principal architect Davor Matekovic, the firm has evolved into a multidisciplinary workshop, creating different projects of various functions, typologies, as well as programmatic and spatial dimensions. Architecture is approached as a diversely complex topic, where all its individual elements are formative and the design process is all encompassing. It includes not only solving the given functional requirements, but also concept implementation, a progressive idea that gives the project its final quality. While attempting not to limit itself to only one type of project, the divergence of typologies requires an individual approach to each problem, with a tendency to be better, different, more innovative, and the final result is contemporary in every aspect. Proarh’s innovativity, creativity, as well as dedicated work and acquired experience through relentless market conditions, have created a great number of successful projects and finished work of a wide spectrum. It’s signature architectural work and progressive auteur ideas have been recognised outside of the local architectural scene. Proarh’s works have been nominated and awarded with a wide variety of international architectural prizes, presented in many exhibitions and published in renown domestic and international profession related publications.

Issa grotto hill house Single family holiday house
Hiza Single family holiday house
Villa Materada Single family holiday house