Nimet Basar Kesdi Designer Profile
Nimet Basar Kesdi is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
Nimet Basar Kesdi

Nimet Başar Kesdi graduated from Anadolu University, Industrial Design programme in 2010. He started his career in Designnobis. Took place in conceptualizing of many awarded product designs. After he worked for Yağmur Mobilya, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Turkey and designed types of furniture for 2014 collections. After he moved to İstanbul, he starts working with Diagonal in a multidisciplinary team. Now he continues his studies in Ankara in furniture industry after 3 years career as full time designer and project specialist at Artedecor. Also, he is a part-time instructor in Industrial Design Department. His master thesis about furniture industry in Turkey.

Nimet Basar Kesdi
Sharelight Lightning Product
Smartpark System Proposal for Outdoor Playgrounds