Alejandro P Figueredo Designer Profile
Alejandro P Figueredo is the award-winning designer of the Sterling Bag - The epitome of versatilit 3in1 Backpack, Briefcase & Shoulder Bag.
Alejandro P Figueredo

My responsibilities on a daily basis encapsulate the whole spectrum of product design and development. Starting from market and consumer research, followed by concept ideation of form and function and creating mechanisms with visual communication. In the final stage of development, the modeling and prototyping of the concepts are created and minute details like, choosing a color palette based on forecasts, are refined. Next, comes the manufacturing point where I coordinate and plan production time and delivery, fixing and improving details that could simplify the production line efficiency. Once the final production prototype is completed, the closing phase begins with the execution of packaging based on the object's specific type of market. Meanwhile, quality control has to be checked and approved. Once all of these tasks are achieved the products begin shipment from their corresponding manufacturing country and with each batch, a random production sample is revised for quality purposes. And the cycle begins anew. With a new idea comes a handful of new discoveries and creativity. Developing a product goes beyond technical skills. Being curious is a second nature for me and I love discovering new materials and methods and exploring their maximum potential. My focus is to create things that can start a dialogue with people and ultimately become more than just objects, my intention is to make things that narrate a story and yet look effortlessly designed. Understanding the whole spectrum of product development has helped me become aware of the consumer's feelings and to try to make them rediscover and fall in love with ordinary things again.

Sterling Bag - The epitome of versatilit 3in1 Backpack, Briefcase & Shoulder Bag