Jacksam Yang Designer Profile
Jacksam Yang is an award-winning designer with 15 featured award-winning projects.
Jacksam Yang

Professionally good at architecture and implanted lots natural landscape elements in interior, which constitute "light, screen shadow, wind, water flow," intertwined. Interior design is from the popular and trend semiotics brewing a unique aesthetic sensitivity, and transformed into an easily interpreted language. Also combined with patterns, lines, materials, edge, cutting, accessories to furnishings, which are all integrated in the overall plan and design, presents not only the beauty of space, but the request for the details.

Jacksam Yang
Clear Reflections Jewelry Shop
Ripples Material Room
Vibrant Hair Salon
Glaze Hair Salon
Essence Hotel-Interior Design
Island Hair Salon
Ethereal Hair Salon
Seemless Form Hair Salon
Elegance Restaurant
Dream and Reality Interior Design
Woods Casting Residential
Skyline Rhyme Hotel
Travler's Ark Interior Design
Poetry Colors Interior Design
FINE MELLOW Interior Design