Fabio Bignardi Designer Profile
Fabio Bignardi is the award-winning designer of the Eurospar Premium Design Supermarket.
Fabio Bignardi

I would like to tell our vision on how to communicate with the architecture and packaging. We're talking about a discipline of communication can certainly define the most confidential and intimate as possible. DOC Design, first of all a perfect team, always on the offensive in response to evolving market that requires of us who work primarily for the consumer, a constant presence on the point of sale and an updated marketing trends, new regulations, the novelty of the press. A team effort that requires creativity, understood as a result of all these elements without whose support it would not be possible to achieve. A particular game without opponents, but only customers and professionals with whom a relationship of full cooperation ed'intesa, customers who do not ever let alone to the point of sale.

Fabio Bignardi
Eurospar Premium Design Supermarket