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kt Corporation

Expanding 4.5 million fixed lines to 20 million in just 12 years, kt introduced universal telephone service to every citizen of Korea, leading the development and advancement of communications services. More recently, kt established an advanced broadband network for the first time in Asia, and launched Korea's first communication satellite 'Mugunghwa (Sharon's Rose)', contributing to making Korea one of the most advanced countries in information and communications. As becoming a government-funded corporation in 1997, kt changed its business portfolio by focusing more on wireless and internet services instead of fixed lines. Taking over Hansol and merging with its subsidiary KTF, kt expanded its business scope and included mobile communication as its main service. kt became a privately owned company in 2002 and began concentrating on building broadband network. As a result, the company set several new records including the increase of ADSL subscribers to 6 million in just 3 years and played a leading role in the age of digital networking. kt will continue to make efforts to play a leading role in the global market and become a trustworthy company by fulfilling corporate responsibility and ensuring quality service and technology in the age of convergence where voice and data, fixed and mobile, and communications and broadcasting services are converged.

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