Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre Designer Profile
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre is an award-winning designer with 4 featured award-winning projects.
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre

Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre, are the founders of photoAlquimia design studio, based in Madrid (Spain). They work in the search for new creative solutions in the development of spaces, objects and events. Their philosophy is based on the development of very simple concepts, all of them inspired in nature (biomimetic), betting on sustainable solutions for the planet, using natural materials and recovering old handicraft techniques. All creations radiate simplicity, functionality and beauty. Their designs are full of humanity, seducing the thought, heart and senses of those who discover them.

Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre
Ajorí Cruet. Condiment container
Titobowl Snack bowl
Transformation Recycled Art Installation
Soytun Tableware for raw fish