Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre Ajorí Cruet. Condiment container
Ajorí Cruet. Condiment container is Golden Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design Award Category.
Ajorí Cruet. Condiment container

Ajorí is a creative solution to organize and store various seasonings, spices and condiments, to satisfy and fit the different culinary traditions of each country. Its elegant organic design makes it a sculptural piece, resulting as an excellent ornament to reflect as a conversation starter around the table. The package design is inspired by the garlic skin, becoming a singular proposal of eco-packaging. Ajorí is a eco-friendly design for the planet, inspired by nature and made entirely from natural materials.

Ajorí Cruet. Condiment container
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre Ajorí
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre Cruet. Condiment container
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre design
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre design
Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre

Carlos Jimenez and Pilar Balsalobre, are the founders of photoAlquimia design studio, based in Madrid (Spain). They work in the search for new creative solutions in the development of spaces, objects and events. Their philosophy is based on the development of very simple concepts, all of them inspired in nature (biomimetic), betting on sustainable solutions for the planet, using natural materials and recovering old handicraft techniques. All creations radiate simplicity, functionality and beauty. Their designs are full of humanity, seducing the thought, heart and senses of those who discover them.


photoAlquimia is a spanish design studio, engaged in the search of creative solutions to develop new spaces, objects and events. Our philosophy is based on working with very simples concepts, allow time and silence necessary for ideas to arise in a natural way, all spiced with a good dose of love for each one of our designs. The nature, the different traditions and handicraft techniques are our main sources of inspiration. We believe that nature has a lot to tell us, we just need a bit of silence and patience to listen. We work mainly with natural materials, sustainable and environmentally friendly, trying to melt into the production processes, the latest technologies, with the employment of the expert hand of artists and artisans. We believe that an object or space can enrich and even transform our lives. This is the reason that drives us to charge humanity on the designs that we make, transforming them into simple creations, as well as beautiful, eco-logicals, warm and friendly, but especially funcional.