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JDO Brand & Design is an award-winning designer with 2 featured award-winning projects.
JDO Brand & Design

JDO... Beautiful, intelligent branding At JDO, we’re in the business of Brand Design and Development and we’re lucky to like what we do. We are a smart, eclectic bunch of creatives, united by a love of brands and brilliantly effective design. We are well-known for our insightful thinking and relentless passion to get under the skin of brands, allowing us to bring them to life beautifully and successfully. From big to small, from luxury to mass we apply the same logic. It’s a simple approach, but being simple and straightforward is a complicated business. We believe simple is smart and we do it well. Oh, and at JDO, we’re proudly independent and have grown into one of the UK’s top 5 brand design agencies. Specialties Packaging Design, Innovation, 3D & Product Design, Brand & Corporate Identity

PWS Andean Edition Bottle and case
Lux re-launch in Japan Haircare range