Raynon Chiu Designer Profile
Raynon Chiu is an award-winning designer with 13 featured award-winning projects.
Raynon Chiu

Mr. Raynon, Chiu, interior architecture designer in Taiwan, contributes to design career more than 20 years, with rich experiences in commercial properties and marketing strategies. Mr. Chiu prefers unique idea and different styles and he never sticks to only one way, and can freely control kinds of color and spaces with his special recognition for Chinese culture and knowledge. Extremely rich imagination always keeps his design same pace with the international level. Mr. Chiu is good at maximizing the interior space art and believes exterior environment is the best design for the interior. He focuses on the original spirit and researches more possibilities and practical methods as well take advantage of nature as the part of design with less decoration. The interior design should be extension from the architecture, and he insists on that designer should consider more skills how to combine the interior space and architecture. The interior is part of the exterior, which meets the requirement for aesthetics.

Zi Garden/Tangquan Tea Club Sales & Exhibition
Lotus Square Art Center Sales Center
Ming Yu Tang  Tea House
Mangrove Sales Center
The Piedmont Sales Center
Yuhong Health Garden Sales Center It is a sales center
City Garden Sample Room
CTS Chengdu Ocean Spring Showing Center Sales Center
Hefei Vanke Light of Times It is a stacked villas
Hefei Vanke Sales Center It is a sales center
Zen Resort & Spa Sales Center Sales & Exhibition
All Love in Town Sales Center Exhibition and Negotiation
CITIC Orchis Bay Sales Center It is a sales center