Raynon Chiu Ming Yu Tang Tea House
Ming Yu Tang Tea House is Golden Design Award winner in 2015 - 2016 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Ming Yu Tang Tea House

The tea house uses Chinese traditional elements, which combines the raw material, and demonstrates the Chinese culture more deeply. As well, the designer adds various of natural points, such as, stone, wood and craft materials in such traditional tea house, which can lead the heart back to the pure mind.

Ming Yu Tang  Tea House
Raynon Chiu Ming Yu Tang
Raynon Chiu Tea House
Raynon Chiu design
Raynon Chiu design
Raynon Chiu

Mr. Raynon, Chiu, interior architecture designer in Taiwan, contributes to design career more than 20 years, with rich experiences in commercial properties and marketing strategies. Mr. Chiu prefers unique idea and different styles and he never sticks to only one way, and can freely control kinds of color and spaces with his special recognition for Chinese culture and knowledge. Extremely rich imagination always keeps his design same pace with the international level. Mr. Chiu is good at maximizing the interior space art and believes exterior environment is the best design for the interior. He focuses on the original spirit and researches more possibilities and practical methods as well take advantage of nature as the part of design with less decoration. The interior design should be extension from the architecture, and he insists on that designer should consider more skills how to combine the interior space and architecture. The interior is part of the exterior, which meets the requirement for aesthetics.

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The case is deeply showed Chinese culture through the combination of Chinese traditional element and Brutalism. Multiple natural elements were adopted into the teahouse style. Using original stone and natural wood as important design goods and let people back to a pure and simple age. Exaggerated design of stream is not only the visual shock of beauty, but also a comprehensive reflection of art form. Meanwhile, bridge and rocky road also have perfectly showed primitive simplicity. The use of integral stone is vigorous strong. The case not only has used some classical elements including traditional Chinese painting, elegant waterscape, plain wooden grating, but also has adopted much modern materials. The perfect combination of them has strongly presented the most outstanding design effect. The tea house has two floors, and big word ZEN on the left side at the entrance will disclose what the designer wants to present. That is: the spirit for freedom and a leisurely and carefree mood On the second floor, the Chinese traditional elements are filled with the whole space. The tea, brown colored furniture and Buddhism were demonstrated together. The designer use artistic ceilings to link the uneven platfond with wood veneer into a perfect integration so as to create a space full of Chinese romantic style. Rosewood, Zisha teapot, Blue and White Porcelain, all of those has showed the extreme eastern beauty.