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Johann Sigmarsson is the award-winning designer of the SomethingRegal Handmade Desk.
Johann Sigmarsson

The Equator Memorial Project is a group of international artists who are creating art pieces and functional objects by recycling materials from world historical monuments. The target is to held series of exhibitions on the heritage site locally, in galleries or museums worldwide. The exhibitions will comprise a few, numbered items of functional objects and art works related to the heritage sites. The intention is that the pieces will be signed by the artists and sold at auction in the end of every exhibition. A part of the income for each sold piece will be allocated to charity fund for supporting community projects. Accompanying every item will be a short informational text on the history of the material. Recycled Materials: The Reykjavík Harbor, The Berlin Wall, The Hamburg Port and Hiroshima. official site: / e-mail:

Johann Sigmarsson
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