Johann Sigmarsson SomethingRegal Handmade Desk
SomethingRegal Handmade Desk is Iron Design Award winner in 2013 - 2014 Furniture Design Award Category.
SomethingRegal Handmade Desk

The desk is created from over 100 years old recycled wood from the Reykjavík Harbor. One cabinet of two have three glass shelves, a light and interior of green calf skin. One drawers of five have red calf skin at bottom. It can be seen inside the drawer because of a glass plate which is placed in the desk top plate. The desk top plate is made out of wood upholstered with red leather. The sides of the cabinet are sawn so that they close together in the legs. Knobs are made of Icelandic stones except one which is in crystal.

SomethingRegal Handmade Desk
Johann Sigmarsson SomethingRegal
Johann Sigmarsson Handmade Desk
Johann Sigmarsson design
Johann Sigmarsson design
Johann Sigmarsson

The Equator Memorial Project is a group of international artists who are creating art pieces and functional objects by recycling materials from world historical monuments. The target is to held series of exhibitions on the heritage site locally, in galleries or museums worldwide. The exhibitions will comprise a few, numbered items of functional objects and art works related to the heritage sites. The intention is that the pieces will be signed by the artists and sold at auction in the end of every exhibition. A part of the income for each sold piece will be allocated to charity fund for supporting community projects. Accompanying every item will be a short informational text on the history of the material. Recycled Materials: The Reykjavík Harbor, The Berlin Wall, The Hamburg Port and Hiroshima. official site: / e-mail:

The Equator Memorial Project

The project presented here is entitled the Equatorial Memorial Project, an international itinerant collaboration of artists who exhibit and sell handcrafted furniture and artifacts from recycled wood and historical monuments. The project has its origins in furniture designed and built by Johann Sigmarsson in 2011, using wood from the Reykjavík harbor, which was otherwise destined to be destroyed when the harbor underwent refurbishment. The project is to create artifacts and functional objects by recycling historical materials from all over the world. So far, we have managed to acquire such materials from the Reykjavík Harbor, the Port of Hamburg, the Berlin Wall and Hiroshima. Plans have been drawn up to obtain memento materials from 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and from the French village of Oradour-sur-Glane, which has been preserved untouched since almost all its inhabitants were massacred on June 10, 1944. To manage the implementation of the project, the private company 40.074KM was established in August 2013. The company name is derived from the length of Earth 's equator in kilometers. The mission is to design, create and present a new functional objects and art pieces from recycled world memento materials. The intention is to form a small group of artists who travel between countries, building functional objects and creating artworks from historical monuments. It will be established in cooperation with other artists and businesses, in the countries were the materials derive. When the project is completed it will be exhibited on a specific heritage site or at galleries or museums suitable for the project. The first exhibition opened in June 28th 2013 at Reykjavik City Hall in cooperation with UNESCO.