Travis Baldwin Designer Profile
Travis Baldwin is an award-winning designer with 7 featured award-winning projects.
Travis Baldwin

Crea Inc was created to help companies create beautiful, functional designs that people love. We assist clients from the initial research & innovation, through the design development process, then into engineering & manufacturing, all to ensure the best design is created and it's produced into the highest quality finished product. Experience has ranged from corporate to consultancy to government, and design background includes traditional product design, transportation, human factors, interface, innovation, brand strategy, and design research. Travis Baldwin passionate about all types of design and Crea Inc always looking for new opportunities and challenges.

Dash Facial Identification Display
Vista EY2T Motorized Biometric ID Device
Argus Biometric Camera
Biometric Facilities Access Camera Biometric Access Device to Unlock Doors
Carlsbad Mobile Police TabletPC
Unity Biometric Capture TabletPC
Britannia 10MW Offshore Wind Turbine