Mahmut Baytas Designer Profile
Mahmut Baytas is the award-winning designer of the TITUS Lighting fixture.
Mahmut Baytas

The armatures named as wall-washers are lighting fixtures used for illuminating tall buildings with long facades or outer facia of historic buildings or hotels, illuminating them from the bottom, upwards, built to IP65 standards, so that they do not get affected from dust or water. In the projects, depending on the design of a rock surface or the design applied to the wall, warm white, natural white or cold white colors are used, however, depending on the project details, red, green, blue or amber colors or any of their combinations may also be used. When it is desired to illuminate wide areas, window fronts, beams and weight bearing columns, as the length of the surfaces vary in size, the fixtures may be produced accordingly. Depending on the height of the area that needs to be illuminated, the power of the LEDs, the number of LEDs used and the angles located in front of the LEDs can be varied from 10 to 80 degrees. As the LEDs used in the fixtures are energy saving, non-UV dissipating types and they do not get affected by vibrations, they are considered as the lighting elements of the future.

TITUS Lighting fixture