Mahmut Baytas Titus Lighting fixture
Titus Lighting fixture is Silver Design Award winner in 2012 - 2013 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Titus Lighting fixture

Flush mount lighting fixture. While similar products use all parts encased in a single structure, this unique design which consists of three parts has various advantages: 1. As the Power Supply and the LED’s are housed in different parts, LED section is protected from heating. 2. Incase of any malfunctioning of any of the parts, the faulty part can easily be replaced, without dismounting the complete unit. 3. Since, there is a lid at the bottom of the fixture, mains cable can be fed into the unit through collars.

Titus Lighting fixture
Mahmut Baytas Titus
Mahmut Baytas Lighting fixture
Mahmut Baytas design
Mahmut Baytas design
Mahmut Baytas

The armatures named as wall-washers are lighting fixtures used for illuminating tall buildings with long facades or outer facia of historic buildings or hotels, illuminating them from the bottom, upwards, built to IP65 standards, so that they do not get affected from dust or water. In the projects, depending on the design of a rock surface or the design applied to the wall, warm white, natural white or cold white colors are used, however, depending on the project details, red, green, blue or amber colors or any of their combinations may also be used. When it is desired to illuminate wide areas, window fronts, beams and weight bearing columns, as the length of the surfaces vary in size, the fixtures may be produced accordingly. Depending on the height of the area that needs to be illuminated, the power of the LEDs, the number of LEDs used and the angles located in front of the LEDs can be varied from 10 to 80 degrees. As the LEDs used in the fixtures are energy saving, non-UV dissipating types and they do not get affected by vibrations, they are considered as the lighting elements of the future.

Baytas Lighting

Baytaş Lighting was founded in Ankara in 2011, following seven years of experience gained in Power LED technology, based on the motto, “RE-CREATE YOUR COLOURS”. Taking extreme care in manufacturing only the registered products elaborately designed by us, our company continues to increase its number of products and to increase its customers’ trust. We continue to increase our efforts in our R&D department to produce flawless moulds using latest technology CNC machining centres, plastic extrusion machines, as well as high accuracy universal machine tools. Distinguished from its competitors by QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM implemented from the very first day, aiming at developing and manufacturing customer satisfaction focused products, Baytaş Lighting aims at 70% of its output to over 15 European and Middle Eastern countries by 2016. Aiming at being on the top of the sector, Baytaş Lighting will continue to serve its customers and the sector through its highly specialized personnel, fast growing range and reliable product range. Baytaş Aydınlatma is a member of AGID – Lighting Devices Manufacturers Association.