Ronald Scliar Sasson Designer Profile
Ronald Scliar Sasson is an award-winning designer with 10 featured award-winning projects.
Ronald Scliar Sasson

I am a product designer focused on a trait that rescues the classic possibilities with contemporary readings, my focus is on the research of furniture, objects and lamps. I am inspired by the architecture and movements of nature, and I always concentrate on the readings that have been interesting to me in the past, both in terms of designers that I admire and still admire, as in the schools that have always been relevant in my training, such as Bauhaus mainly. I feel that the design I make today has relevance in relating these times, as well as all the contemporary reading that I observe and that I think is important for the formation of my work in the future.

Ronald Scliar Sasson
Bench Acqua Bench
Boucle Bench
Yori Armchair
Carybe Armchair
Slice Fruit Bowl
Palina  Armchair
Logical side table Side table
Bench  Luzia Bench
Zozimo  Armchair
De Beers  Armchair