Maja Matas Designer Profile
Maja Matas is the award-winning designer of the Samopev Packaging.
Maja Matas

Maja Matas is the Director and Chief Creative Officer at Amblem. She manages the Creative agency in Croatia which builds products and services with a focus on branding and design. From fashion lines to political campaigns, she believes in the importance of getting good insights before building better experiences. Prior to Amblem, Maja was first Head of Corporate Identity and then Head of Private Label Design at Croatians leading home improvement retail chain. She managed the design department and defined the company’s brand architecture and designed new brands and creative solutions for products and product lines. Apart from the in-house roles in the retail industry, her background in advertising agencies and freelance roles as an industrial and graphic design allowed her to work for global brands. Maja has a Doctor of Science Degree in Graphic Technology and Design, and has worked at several Universities as a Lecturer in the field of Visual communications, Design in Market communications and Security print. Throughout the years, Maja won a number of International design awards, was published in international scientific journals and is a jury member in the leading creative marketing festivals such as the Clio awards.

Maja Matas
Samopev Packaging