Aliki Rovithi Designer Profile
Aliki Rovithi is an award-winning designer with 3 featured award-winning projects.
Aliki Rovithi

In 2007, Aliki Rovithi and Foant Asour founded their creative studio DEDE DextrousDesign which still to this day hosts their never ending love for debate and experimentation. Although they carry an artistic background as well, as industrial designers they have to operate within the strictly commercial and profit- driven requirements of mass production. Their personal goal for the future and their biggest anxiety so far, is not to stop loving what they do, because of this constrained environment. They would like to keep on giving an open and enthusiastic welcome to new things and remain able to create design projects that deliver messages in effective and memorable ways.

Aliki Rovithi
Get the hang of it Paper bag
The FA.B. Fabric Bookcase
Foant Asour Athens Greece