Licht.Associates Limited Glassy Library Lighting
Glassy Library Lighting is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Fixtures Design Award Category.
Glassy Library Lighting

Split-level glass structure lies in the suppleness of ambiance lighting. Bring out the Coziness to make a place as lingers. Coziness comes from the sense of mellow and succinct surprises. The library blends of aesthetic treatment and practicality. Concealed LED strip embedding inside suspended steel rods create flowing halo. Geometric network and vibrant colored furniture, make visitors slip into the Bauhaus world unnoticed. The fixtures and furnishings are from the physical world, while mood and tone will dive deep to tickle our soul. The magic spell for the connection is LIGHT.

Glassy Library  Lighting
Licht.Associates Limited Glassy Library
Licht.Associates Limited Lighting
Licht.Associates Limited design
Licht.Associates Limited design
Licht.Associates Limited

Licht. Associates Limited is an energetic and youth company althought this is not set up more than 10 years. However, our Creative Director is well-known in the lighting industry in Hong Kong. Licht is based in Hong Kong and developing in Asia Pacific. Projects of Ocean Park, Jockey Club and IFS Chengdu etc. are famous. Licht creates something out of nothing & maintain a consistent vision fully expressed through the balance between light & space, manipulated to achieve versatility & creativity. Licht is at the core of an unusual combination where functionality, sustainability & efficiency meets in perfect harmony.

LICHT. Associates Limited

Licht. Associates is a collaborative practice dedicated to the delivery of meaningful ideas, integrating modernity, youth & experience. The glass library is presenting the constructive juxtaposition of art, design, architecture & light while engaging and appealing. This project is made with the outstanding teams with the architectural interior designer of DOMANI and the lighting supplier of FOYAG.