Bezmirno Architects Formal Wear Store
Formal Wear Store is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Formal Wear Store

Mens clothing stores are often offering neutral interiors that negatively affect the mood of visitors and therefore reduce the percentage of sales. In order to attract people not only to visit a store, but also to buy products that are presented there, the space should inspire and spreed a good cheer. That is why the design of this shop uses special features inspired by sewing craftsmanship and different details that will attract attention and spread a good mood. The open-space layout that devided into two zones is also designed for the customers freedom during the shopping.

Formal Wear Store
Bezmirno Architects Formal Wear
Bezmirno Architects Store
Bezmirno Architects design
Bezmirno Architects design
Bezmirno Architects

Bezmirno is an architectural design studio, based in Kiev, Ukraine. It’s a studio with impressive experience, only last year they created more then 30 projects in residential and commercial fields, projecting retail spaces and showrooms for local and international clients. Bezmirno is revolutionising the way people live and work by improving physical performance of buildings and their interiors. They aim to create spaces that are functional, unique and ageless with emphasis on clean lines and natural materials.

Bezmirno Architects

Bezmirno is an architectural interior design studio based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Studio that offers professional services in architecture and interior design of the commercial, corporate and residential facilities. Functionality, aesthetics, atmosphere and comfort are the driving forces behind every project. In their projects Bezmirno combines natural materials emphasizing their natural beauty and perfection. This approach allows to create contemporary and timeless design.