Marco Bozzola Relio Transformable Lamp
Relio Transformable Lamp is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Award Category.
Relio Transformable Lamp

The Relio is a professional lamp for Arts and Sciences. Portable, transformable and modular, accommodates a variety of usages: Cinema, Painting, School, Medical uses, Archaeology. Many parts are 3D-printed and many are open-source, to allow limitless expandability. Relio's light is engineered to be extremely similar to Sunlight, so that a professional can work under ideal lighting conditions almost everywhere, with very long service life and minimal-to-none maintenance.

Relio Transformable Lamp
Marco Bozzola Relio
Marco Bozzola Transformable Lamp
Marco Bozzola design
Marco Bozzola design
Marco Bozzola

Marco Bozzola is an award-winning Inventor and Designer born in Northern Italy in 1988. He designs, engineers and licenses innovative products that make him land in the world’s most famous technology outlets. He's the owner of many international design patents. Marco is not just a designer: he's also a product manager, a full-stack programmer and an entrepreneur. He's able to take an idea, engineer it, bring it to life and place it on the market. He's currently focused on expanding the Relio lineup that he engineers and designs since 2015. Now, this is the year of the new Relio² 2020 collection! Go check it out at

Relio Labs

Relio Labs is an Italian company that manufactures ultra-professional lighting products for Cinema, Arts and Sciences. Their focus is to blend good and minimalistic design with bleeding-edge technology, to provide professionals with the best devices technology can offer. Their focus is on modularity, openness and re-usability: all their products have superior lifespans and maintainability scores.