T&P Architectural Design Studio Nice E-Sports Venue
Nice E-Sports Venue is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Nice E-Sports Venue

The spatial design is telling a story, whose beginning, development and end connecting naturally: a person is waiting for the break of dawn, till the morning light shines over the earth;all things on earth strive for growth with never giving-up spirit with a belief that there is a promising future ahead. The straight line symbolizes the first light of morning breaking through night dark and bringing about a new hope, a new start and unlimited power.. Cactus stands for the stubborn vitality of plants, the power of rebirth and the spirit of esports players who never give up.

Nice E-Sports Venue
T&P Architectural Design Studio Nice
T&P Architectural Design Studio E-Sports Venue
T&P Architectural Design Studio design
T&P Architectural Design Studio design
T&P Architectural Design Studio

Design originates from nature and life. The essence of art is the pursuit of beauty. Beauty is closely related to people's lives. Because beauty makes people happy and makes people full of yearning and expectation for the future. As the discoverer and creator of beauty, the designer brings beauty to the streets of the city through the keen perception of beauty, into people's lives, and even into people's hearts. Optimizing people's living environment through design brings new life and convenience to the society, and at the same time makes the earth more colorful. Tipai has been looking for the most natural state of design, natural beauty is the most authentic beauty.

T&P Architectural Design Studio

T & P Architectural Design Studio is a comprehensive design service firm focusing on narrative architecture design, interior design and landscape planning and design. Business areas include boutique restaurants, high-end private homes, hotels and Guesthouses, commercial complexes, museum exhibition spaces, and more. With the continuous improvement principle, we keep innovating, developing creativity and improving service to meet the needs of our customers who trust us. Design is not the result of assembly and reorganization, but a process of creating from nothing. There is no end to this road, and the love of design continues to heat up. It is the love for design that makes the designers unable to accept perfunctory attitude, and they make every design with heart.