Martin Chan Fragment 8 Retro Camera
Fragment 8 Retro Camera is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Camera and Photography Equipment Design Award Category.
Fragment 8 Retro Camera

The Fragment 8 retro camera design team uses modern digital technology to recreate the authentic look of Super 8 home movies. To reinvent it to be modern, the design team applies the artfully crafted curves inside the design to render the product compact and delightful to the eyes. Quality of the exquisitely processed shell surface is accentuated by the Genuine Leather in order to showcase the elegance in simplicity.

Fragment 8 Retro Camera
Martin Chan Fragment 8
Martin Chan Retro Camera
Martin Chan design
Martin Chan design
Lofty factory Company Limited

Lofty Factory Co. is a studio specialising in nostalgic stuffs. Their philosophy "fusion of old and new" is to integrate modern thinking into vintage stuffs, thereby revitalising its cultural and historical value. It is based in Hong Kong. In their design process, they are committed to retaining the uniqueness of vintage stuff while adding the practicality of modern ideas, which enable users to reminisce about their touching memories. To reinvent it to be modern, they always apply the artfully crafted curves inside the design to render the product compact and delightful to the eyes. Other than the nostalgic stuffs, they usually cooperate with the oversea companies in designing some innovative products. Examples like the red-dot awarded lantern "Ra-lantern" and the hot sale portable air purifier "Ionizo". To make the idea to be realistic, they usually test the idea first by launching that idea on some famous crowdfunding platform. In the process, they may have a better understanding in how to improve the idea before launching to the retail market. Normally, only the funded ideas will be mass produced. Take the "Fragment 8 Retro Camera" as an example, they had spent over a year to launch the project and get it funded. There’s nothing quite as uniquely beautiful as a Super 8 movie,” said Fragment 8 camera co-creator Martin. “And the short Super 8 format makes perfect sense with today’s popularity of GIF loops and TikTok videos. Inspired by natural aesthetics, your story can be shared with friends at a new level with romantic and retro effects. You don’t have to fiddle around with aperture, IOS, or white balance. All you need do is experience the gorgeous vintage feel in your own videos.” There are many suggestions in how to make a better product during the process of crowdfunding. Before starting a this project, they would have a deep communication with they partners in term of the uniqueness and positioning of the product. Other than the industrial design, they may also handle the development and production of the project. After funded, the product will enter the mass-production stage and launched to the retail market.