QUAD studio Medieval Rethink Cultural Center
Medieval Rethink Cultural Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award Category.
Medieval Rethink Cultural Center

Medieval Rethink was a response to a private commission to build a Cultural Centre for a small undisclosed village in the Guangdong Province, which dates back 900 years to the Song Dynasty. A four storey, 7000 sqm development is centred around an ancient rock formation known as the Ding Qi Stone, a symbol of the origin of the village. The project’s design concept is based on showcasing the history and culture of the ancient village whilst linking the old and the new. The Cultural Centre stands as a reinterpretation of an ancient village and a transformation into contemporary architecture.

Medieval Rethink Cultural Center
QUAD studio Medieval Rethink
QUAD studio Cultural Center
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QUAD studio design
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QUAD studio is a group of architects, designers, and thinkers operating within the field of architecture, urbanism, interior design, landscape design, product design, research and development. QUAD studio believes there is a resurgence of the Renaissance where people want more from architects than just architecture. People are in search of a holistic design narrative that allows designers to blur the lines between different design disciplines, the Collective Polymath. Innovation also comes from cutting edge technology. QUAD studio is a lab for exploration, a place to experiment different design possibilities, artists are invited to share and bounce their innovative ideas.

QUAD studio

QUAD Studio is a group of architects, designers, and thinkers operating within the field of architecture, urbanism, interior, product and landscape design, research and development. The studio aims to embrace a utopian freedom to help change the way people live in today‘s contemporary society. The name QUAD studio stands for Quantum Urban Architectural Design and the studio emerges out of a team of creative individuals that truly believe that a well-designed environment evolves, adapts and changes the way people perceive a particular space, function or a neighborhood. The design is not constraint to a particular style; rather, QUAD explore different cultures, new architectural techniques and languages, using it as a painting pallet to compose a bespoke narrative that encapsulates a seamless conjunction between design and functionality.