Marcele Kuliesiute Alive Design Object
Alive Design Object is Golden Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made Design Award Category.
Alive Design Object

Design is created from the urge of wanting more natural interaction in the surrounded environment. 'Alive' is inspired by water - the foundation and source of all life. Once Marcele Kuliesiute crossed the biophilic design definition, she tried to apply the aspects of it to the design. It says that rhythm or movement, perceived in nature, creates a strong impression and a positive impact on the people. The designer created 'Alive' for public interiors, offices, and other public spaces, to provide the vitality of the environment and to remind of and nurture Mother Nature.

Alive Design Object
Marcele Kuliesiute Alive
Marcele Kuliesiute Design Object
Marcele Kuliesiute design
Marcele Kuliesiute design
Vilnius Academy of Arts

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