Zheng Yuan Huang Queen Brand Design
Queen Brand Design is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Award Category.
Queen Brand Design

The extended design is based on the concept of the queen and chessboard. With the two colors black and gold, the design is to convey the sense of high-class and reshape the visual image. In addition to the metal and gold lines used in the product itself, the element of the scene is constructed to set off the war impression of the chess, and we uses the coordination of stage lighting to create smoke and light of the war.

Queen Brand Design
Zheng Yuan Huang Queen
Zheng Yuan Huang Brand Design
Zheng Yuan Huang design
Zheng Yuan Huang design
Zheng Yuan Huang

Darren is from the MacGyver design team of Green Gold in Taiwan. It is committed to designing and disseminating the world's concept of health products with a brand-new image, and stimulating better products to consumers through visual impact. The Green Gold design team is committed to developing the visual image of health care products and brands, optimizing and generating excellent design vision.

Taiwan Green Gold Homeland Co., Ltd

Taiwan Green Gold Homeland Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015. At first, we developed dietary supplements for the best-known pharmaceutical brand “Tongrentang,’ and we gradually developed many popular products. Because seeing the rise of social media, we were transformed into an e-commerce company in 2017. We established the brand “Green Gold” to focus on e-commerce sales, and Turmeric, was our first product. We are a very young team which is dedicated to innovation and disruption. Even though it is a traditional dietary supplements market, we are eager to present unique ideas. Regardless of our packaging, visualization and marketing, we are different from traditional logic of dietary supplements. Therefore, we successfully attracted attentions in market. We are eager to utilize advantages of social media, combine business logic of e-commerce and further disrupt the dietary supplements market and create more amazing products. With high standard and quantity, we aim to deliver Asian health consciousness to the international market.