Yuke Li Wonderful Picnic Picture Book
Wonderful Picnic Picture Book is Iron Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award Category.
Wonderful Picnic Picture Book

Wonderful Picnic is a story about little Jonny who lost his hat on his way to a picnic. Jonny faced a dilemma of whether keep chasing the hat or not. Yuke Li explored lines during this project, and she tried to use tight lines, loose lines, organized lines, crazy lines to express different emotions. It is a very interesting to see each lively line as a single element. Yuke create a fascinating visual journey for readers, and she opened a door for imagination.

Wonderful Picnic Picture Book
Yuke Li Wonderful Picnic
Yuke Li Picture Book
Yuke Li design
Yuke Li design
Yuke Li

Yuke Li is an author-illustrator based in New York City. She believe the simplest thing is the best thing. That is why she dive herself into this imaginary and prospective industry, an industry communicate with visual language. Here she find herself a fish in the water. Here she can dream big and see further.

Yuke Li

Yuke Li is an independent illustrator, artist based in New York City. She has been focusing on children's book since 2012. She has published six children's book in China. She loves doing children's book and telling stories. Animals, nature are where her inspiration comes from.