Feng Xu Chunjiang Huayue Sales Center
Chunjiang Huayue Sales Center is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Interior Space and Exhibition Design Award Category.
Chunjiang Huayue Sales Center

The lobby is the core area of the whole space. With a huge floor-type sand table and textured geometric modeling on the top, it reflects the sense of momentum of the space. Add the adornment lamps and lanterns with strong artistic feeling again, abounded the visual effect of big space. In order to avoid the flatness and rigidity of the space interface, the designers also chose a relatively soft point light source, which enhanced the sense of sequence and ritual.

Chunjiang Huayue Sales Center
Feng Xu Chunjiang Huayue
Feng Xu Sales Center
Feng Xu design
Feng Xu design
Feng Xu

Xu Feng, young interior designer, designdirector of Hangzhou Branchof Zhejiang Zhonghui Huachen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.. In 2001, he graduated from the interior design majorof China Academy of Art, and has been engaged in the design industry for nearly 20years. He has completed many high complexity design projects, and won unanimous praise in the industry with professional ability and rigorous attitude. At the same time, he has made great achievements in many domestic and foreign design competitions.

Hangzhou Branchof Zhejiang Zhonghui Huachen Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Branchof Zhejiang Zhonghui Huachen Architectural Design Co., a design company consisting of a group of young and energetic designers. With its unique and distinct design point of view and execution, it has won the recognition of many customers. Since itsestablishment, it has focused on many fields of interior space design projects, including hotel, office, restaurant, commercial and real estate projects, with different scales and styles.