Pin Shuan Chen Taste Buds Travel Taiwan Souvenir
Taste Buds Travel Taiwan Souvenir is Bronze Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Packaging Design Award Category.
Taste Buds Travel Taiwan Souvenir

This Taiwanese cookie souvenir is not only to develop a box full of delicious Taiwanese flavor cookies but also to create a design, using Taiwanese national flower plum blossom window cut as the cover, and there are also 4 paper coasters with different Taiwanese tile patterns composed of signature cookie ingredients to emphasize the flavor of cookies inside the box. Lets tourists bring memories and Taiwanese culture home to share with families and friends.

Taste Buds Travel Taiwan Souvenir
Pin Shuan Chen Taste Buds Travel Taiwan
Pin Shuan Chen Souvenir
Pin Shuan Chen design
Pin Shuan Chen design
Pin Shuan Chen

Pin Shuan Chen is working as a designer for 3 years, She is good at packaging design and illustration. She likes to combine hand-drawing element in the design to create a work that include lot of texture on it. And she is also good at playing with color and interactive element to make the design more attractive and eye catching. Pin Shuan Chen loves illustration, picture book, and amazing design, these are the main inspiration in her design work. Please feel free to contact her for any design or illustrated work.

Stella's Taiwan Inc

Aunt Stella, born in German growing up in the US, is the real aunt for brand founder Joseph Dunkle. As a Kindergarten teacher, she was fond of sharing her homemade recipe and handmade cookies with people surrounded. Joseph started up the first cookie store in Tokyo named after Aunt Stella since 1982 to inherit and deliver the recipe and spirit of his aunt, who’s passion of ‘Giving love and happiness to people’‘ is forever imprinted in our DNA. The recipe and gift package went so popular among Japanese that more than 80 stores have been opened up-to-date. With the new headquarter started up in Taiwan since 1989, Aunt Stella turns a new page in the cookie business. We combined local featured ingredients with Aunt Stella homemade recipe, building-up local design and R&D team to re-package ‘love sharing and giving’ spirit with Taiwan featured and share with the world again.