Rafael de Araujo Pop Up Magazine Opening Title
Pop Up Magazine Opening Title is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Movie, Video and Animation Design Award Category.
Pop Up Magazine Opening Title

The project was a journey to explore the Escape issues (theme for 2019) abstractly and fluidly, showing the changes, new things and consequences from that. All the visuals are clean and comfortable to watch, contrasting with the uncomfortable reality from the act of escape. The design is constantly changing and the morphing shapes in the animation represent the act of readaptation, caused by some sort of situation. Escape has different meanings, interpretations and the point of view varies from playful to serious.

Pop Up Magazine Opening Title
Rafael de Araujo Pop Up Magazine
Rafael de Araujo Opening Title
Rafael de Araujo design
Rafael de Araujo design
Rafael de Araujo

Rafael Araujo is a Brazilian Motion Designer & Graphic Artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Gif lover, he enjoys 2D, cel animations, dissolves brushes and flat colors. He's constantly producing something and learn through the process, also, Rafael can be hybrid in-between animation and illustration projects. His work has been featured in relevant sites from the industry, such as Motionopher, Catsuka, TV Booooooom, Cartoon Brew, Vimeo Staff Picks among others.

Pop Up Magazine

Pop-Up Magazine is a magazine performed live. The shows feature never-before seen or heard multimedia stories performed on stage by writers, radio producers, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians. The show happens every year in several cities in the US.