Takako Yoshikawa Nano Airy Hair Straightener
Nano Airy Hair Straightener is Silver Design Award winner in 2019 - 2020 Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Award Category.
Nano Airy Hair Straightener

The Nano airy straightening iron combines nano-ceramic coating materials with innovative negative iron technology, which brings the hair gently and sleekly into straight shape quickly. Thanks to the magnet sensor at the top of cap and body, the device switches off automatically when the cap is closed, which is safe to carry around. The compact body with the USB rechargeable wireless design is easy to store in handbag and carry, helping females to keep an elegant hairstyle anytime, anywhere. The white-and-pink color scheme lend the device a feminine character.

Nano Airy Hair Straightener
Takako Yoshikawa Nano Airy
Takako Yoshikawa Hair Straightener
Takako Yoshikawa design
Takako Yoshikawa design
Takako Yoshikawa

Takako Yoshikawa is an artistic director / designer / president of Kasetu Souzou Institute, Inc. She has also active as a visual representation artist in art field in recent years. Kasetu Souzou Institute, Inc. is a branding company based in Japan founded in 2003. We are good at creating a new , delicate and no-compromise visual representation. We have worked on many brands such as Japanese department store, cosmetics company, home appliance manufacturers , food manufacturer and Fashion brand etc. Our work also has received high praise from home and abroad, and has won numerous awards such as New York ADC, Red Dot Award, and German Design Award etc.

Takako Yoshikawa, Kasetu Souzou Inc.

Our Company, Kasetu Souzou Inc. is branding company based in Japan by Takako Yoshikawa.The product name is nano airy, and the brand name is Maison de airy.This brand was born by collaboration of two companies with Kasetu Souzou Inc..First company is Samantha Thavasa is a Japanese luxury fashion house that the label is known primarily for handbags popular among women in their twenties. Next is Koizumi Seiki is a Japanese electronics manufacturer.